Scientific Analysis, Traceability and Study of Artworks

ACTIO investigates two paintings of the Museum of Catalan Modernism and collaborates in the catalog of its third anniversary (march 2013)



ACTIO publishes the book: "Scientific and documentary research of a portrait of Agustina de Aragón" (11/12/2012)


ACTIO publishes the book: "La Niña, cronología de un estudio científico" (10/12/2012)


Specialized courses on nondestructive analysis of artworks

1. New photonic technologies for non destructive analysis of artworks

2. New performances of Raman spectroscopy in the direct analysis of artworks

3. Pulsed laser radiation: laser cleaning (IR and UV) and optimum acquisition of Raman spectra

4. Practical experiences in laboratory


ACTIO open doors to high school students (9-2-2012)

Estudiantes de secundaria en la sede de ACTIO

ACTIO in the TV program "Miradas2", La 2 (8-1-2012)


ACTIO in TV program "Continuarà", La 2 (20-12-2011)


New generation Rama system

caso1The Raman Spectroscopy Group (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, U.P.C.) has recently acquired a new generation Raman system (RMS-320, Jobin Yvon -  Horiba Group). It is a fully transportable equipment with high performances.